THE FORMULA by Garry Fitchett

There is a formula, a first principle axiom, capable of bringing one to more fully understand their soul, and to come to understand the nature of the spirit residing within this soul: in essence, to come to a place in the road where one can truly know - who they are as an individual.  And if such talk of searching for your soul and its spirit feels hyperbolical or pretentious then just characterize this process as a venture to find out, 'what makes you tick'.

There has to be this formula. Every answer to be found has, by definition, a method - a method of discovery: some very simple, others convoluted and arcane. However, once understood, a formula can be used by anyone desirous of finding their answer.  AND WHAT AN ANSWER TO BE FOUND.

Before you can understand any subject, concept, truth - to really know it - we must first know the truth of who we are. This by definition, maybe default has to be our starting point. However, this is not an easy thing. Why? Because chronologically it does not work out this way for us.  We, unwittingly, are born into a world that for thousands of years has already been designed, developed, formulated by others who have come before us.  It is not inconceivable that maybe some errors have occurred: maybe these designers were asleep, or at least a little drowsy.  A society developed by generations of men and women who were not always up to such an important task.  

Our goal, as we unavoidably come into such a world, wide-eyed and innocent, is to earnestly learn of our immediate environment, and come to understand it as best we can.  And low and behold we find ourselves up to the mission being the curious intelligent beings we naturally are.  Then, as time goes by, and as we start to get a grip on what makes society function we find, most directly, our key role is to fit-in, assimilate, and to conform to this ready-made world. Rare is a person who thinks otherwise.

Therefore, the need and desire to know who we really are comes, if it ever comes, much later. This important task, maybe the most important one we really have, comes after we have already done a lot of looking, a lot of study, and a lot of trying to conform. Habits like this are long in the making and, understandably, hard to break. It is easy to become blind to them. A fish is the last to discover water. Then, it is to this accepting, mechanical, conforming life we embark and quickly solidify by habit. Habits which indelibly, and maybe forever furrow our lines of action, and channel our chains of thought.

However, a few, having failed to completely succumb to societal forces, begin to approach a point where understanding, awareness, and the urge to know what makes them tick overwhelms their rather mechanical faux-fabricated life. This task, hiding in plain sight, finally appears on the horizon.  It is here where a hard break in the daily chain of habit is necessary.  And break it we must if our life is to ever approach the heights it was created to achieve.  A life full of imagination, creativity, and power; full of emotion and joy.

But HOW? Oh, what a question. For those who feel this urge to live a life like this, even if felt only rarely, and then only faintly, is not easily forgotten.  We know we have a problem; to find a way out of our self-imposed maze that society has lent a big hand in constructing. We know, instinctively, there is a way, a plan, format, possibly some strategy that could be employed that will do the trick for us.  Something to bring up to an action point of relief, even if not absolute success.  Something to override, supersede, and bleach-out not the precious moments and times we've had, but just the injurious consequences of the times.  A way to know our unique individuality and not have to live as a manufactured personality with all its fears, doubts, and envies that have, over time, taken root in our being.  Can an order as tall as this really have a simple answer? NO. But it can have a formula. An efficient formula efficaciously performing the act of taking something that each, in his or her own way, is searching; then make it understandable, and most importantly, actionable.  A formulaic that once memorized, poured-over, and pursued with just a bit of tenacity, will reap results beyond one's widest dreams.

A prescription, true and precise as a mathematical equation demonstrating a relationship of cause and effect.  A formula designed to disentangle our genuine self from the machinery of mind and body that has been bent and molded by the throes of society. A formula finding something that is just SO, as it was designed to be. A formula to un-riddle ourselves and to find our place on a once boundless shoreless sea.  A formula like this exist and it will be revealed in simplistic clarity so that all who wish to know, may know.

The Formula designed to break your pattern and cycle of inauthenticity goes like this:

This formula, along with its components and relationships, will be explained in detail so that you can make it operational and useful for yourself. So that you have the opportunity to get some real good out of it; and know how to make it work for you.  Work for you along the lines of the penultimate task of discovering your individuality, and once found can live true to that unique individuality the rest of your life.

The Formula stated goes like this:  YOU(U) equals your attractions(a) times your intuitions(i) divided by what you innately Will(w) times forever or infinity.

This philosophic formula, a first of its kind, is designed to discover one's authenticity.  This formula moves one past the value of knowing quote, "The Secret", for it makes the secret operational.  The goal of devising this formula is to have people come to acknowledge their essential individuality and then to have a living, breathing working way of discovering their authenticity.  Faith naturally resides in the idea that people striving to unfold their true-self is a good thing.  A good thing for not only oneself, but for the health and well-being of society, everywhere. Let those operating true to their nature procure compass, protractor, rule and become the architects of society.

In short, the formula is the have you become your self, your whole self, and nothing but yourself.  It's ultimate over-arching objective is two-fold: One, to bring to one's conscious attention the essence of one's true spirit, and two, to have this knowing, powerful, imaginative 'thing' through you, meaning your heart, mind, and body, exert its (positive, loving) Will upon its immediate environment, if not the world.

To begin, the formula will be explained in a summary format so that you will immediately get the gist of what it is all about.  This will allow your subconscious to begin to get 'its arms around' the dynamics involve in executing the formula for the benefit of self and others.

The Formula Explained in Summary

YOU (U) means the true, essential, real, unique, one-of-a-kind you. That unalloyed, powerful, imaginative, creative YOU.  A YOU that has risen above having once been fallen, as the german philosopher Martin Heidegger called it, into the structure, requirements, and expectations of the society we find ourselves living day to day. This YOU is that eternal essence that makes up the kernel and core of your, "I AM I" as it is sometimes referred.

'a' stands for ATTRACTION, meaning what it is you are naturally attracted to including: people, places, things, ideas, notions, etc. where you give easy and unbridled attention in your daily life. Attraction indicates desire. It is both cognitive and emotive in nature.

'i' stands for INTUITION. Intuition's a form of constructive imaginative thinking providing a sudden and immediate insight into a thought, problem, purpose, or plan.

So The Formula to this point is as follows: The one and only YOU(U) equals what attracts your Attention(a) multiplied by what you Intuit(i).  All of this is divided by your Will(w), that is to say, what one most innately WILL's. Will, used in this context, is a palpable force coming from deep within oneself.  It desires things, people, conditions, etc., and wishes to exercise its inherent powers in a specific direction to achieve, gain, effect, acquire, or improve a situation. Will, as positioned in the formulaic equation, is the common denominator of both Attention, and Intuition.  And the reasons are as follows: one surely needs to be aware, cognizant, even alive enough to feel one's Will as it is attracted to and desirous of paying attention to that with which it has an affinity, and two, the exercising of the Will is necessary to detect and discern one's intuitions.  Furthermore, the Will has an even bigger role in developing the conviction to act on one's attractions and intuitions. Having the capacity to not only feel, but be conscious of one's Will exercising its instinctual powers places one, most immediately, in rarified air. One's attractions, intuitions, and what one Wills comprise the foundational compounds that make the essential you, and nothing but you. 

The infinity symbol indicates that this process for every individual will carry-on forever; indicating the belief that your current life, now, here on this Earth, is but a small small segment of your entire spiritual existence. You are living your eternal life right now; this is part of it.  When you one-day-die from this earthly existence your body will not discard your spirit, but your eternal spirit discards the earthly body, and on and on.  We come, dwellith a while, then go. But back of this our spirit lives forever.  

that which brought you into being, will continue you in being; that which created you, will recreate you; that which generated you, will regenerate you; that what breathed life into you, will continue to breath life into you - if you will but set its powers into activity.