Welcome to my blog

Why blog?  There can only be one reason - because you believe you have something 'worthwhile' to say.  And, furthermore, that what you have to say will make some type of difference.  A difference to someone, even if that one, is you, the writer of the blog.

 I will not write or blog on a specific schedule.  As one who advocates nonconformity and self-reliance I will write when I have, or feel I have, something to say.  I am reminded of what Lou Holtz (the illustrious college football coach) said when he became a TV football commentator and was asked if he found the job difficult,  He replied, "No, not really, you just need to keep talking until you find something to say."  So I will blog when I feel I have something to say and not because an arbitrary and manufactured schedule says that it is time to blog.

The focus of my blog will be centered around the idea that the universal goal for people, as they make they way through life, is to find their authenticity.  As Henry David Thoreau said, "If I am not I, who will be?"