Life is a continuous and unbroken cycle of cause and effect. In the final analysis - there are no accidents. Behind every effect there exist a cause, a genesis of that effect. 

Random occurrences, sometimes described as accidents do present themselves to us all, but there was a cause of that 'happening'; an effect somewhere earlier in a chain of causes.  

This is all good to know, but what can I do about effecting, or maybe more accurately engineering, in a favorable way, my own personal sequence of this cause and effect? Why should this be important to me?  

Why? Because you are the genesis of our own personal cycle of consequence, and here is how I believe it works; it all starts with perception; with your personal precepts of your world.

To further explain: How one perceives something (events, circumstances, personal luck, possibilities, themselves, etc) directly affects how one feels about that something. How one feels about something influences, most assuredly, how one thinks about that thing. How one thinks about something directs the actions one takes in relation to the thing that is being thought about. And in the final analysis, the actions one takes serves as the proof of the initial perception: this action being only a delayed reflection of the initial precept. And, of course results come from specific actions, and not from vague hopes, wishes, and good intentions. But first, and always, the key generative factor was how you first perceived the thing occupying your field of vision and or thought. Therefore this sequence and consequence cycle first began with the quality of your perception, recognition, comprehension; your grasp of what is real, real for you at least; perception was the genesis of all that came later.  

To further explain, precepts (the products of perception) furnish the elemental materials from which we think. This leads to what we do; the one and only proof of what we are really thinking. Our precepts are the units on which our memory, imagination, thoughts, reason, and judgment build their structures. If we will but perceive things differently, i.e. better, more confidently, etc. we will do things differently. If we see things truthfully, we thus feel, think, and act truthfully. Precepts, the products of our perception, are the first, and most important, link in life's chain of sequence and consequence.  

No matter how varied, wonderful, and abundant the outside world actually is, my inner world - where my precepts and I reside - is limited to my personal view of whatever this real world is. Therefore, my perceptions form the foundational layer upon which I create, architect, build, and eventually rule my actual world: I am the ultimate creator of its boundaries. I decide, beginning with my perceptions, and all that is spawned from these perceptions, the heights of the peaks and the depths of the valleys of my life.  

Knowing this and understanding that each of us is the sold creator of our world, our highest duty is to increase our power of perception, because it is only and exactly this which provides the materials, units, and structures that constitute our one and only world, and nothing but our world. Below the idea, described here, is put into schematic I call the Cycle of Consequence.


circle of Consequence SS.png

This idea comes from the perceptions of Garry Fitchett, the author of Life is a Bicycle - A Living Philosophy to Finding Your Authenticity.